Janu Tame Jalucha

Janu Tame Jalucha is the latest Odia song sung by Humane Sagar with music given by Bimugdha Das. Janu Tame Jalucha song lyrics is written by Akshay Samal. This song has been officially published on MS ODIA MUSIC youtube channel. DOWNLOAD MP3 People are looking for this Janu Tame Jalucha song to download for free. … Read more

Tikili Naila Bele

Tikili Naila Bele is a latest odia song. This song was sung by Humane Sagar, Aseema Panda. Tikili Naila Bele odia song music and lyrics are given by Sandeep Panda. Tikili Naila Bele song Produced by Samaresh Pattnaik.